10 countries of the world's richest,

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1.United States

United States is the world's richest countries to GDP reached U.S. $ 12.46 trillion

2. Japan

The second position occupied east Aia this country. Japan has a GDP of U.S. $ 4.51 trillion. Crazy, but ya never country devastated by atomic bombs, but could become the richest countries

3. Germany

Just like japan, germany also been having a difficult time when they had divided by 2 for the Soviet Union and the USA. new in the 1990s they were joined again into 1 country. Germany has a GDP of U.S. $ 2.78 trillion.

4. England

Although never invaded any country nih is almost 1 / 3 parts of the world,,, but did not make it into the richest country in the world. England are ranked the 4th with a GDP of S $ 2.19 trillion.

5. France

A country known for kissing style that has GDP of U.S. $ 2.11 trillion.

6. Italia

Country famous for its history of empire has a GDP of S $ 1.72 trillion.

7. Spain

Spain has a GDP of U.S. $ 1.124 trillion

8. Canada

Countries in the northern United States are even adjacent to the USA does not make them a higher GDP. Canada has a GDP of U.S. $ 1.115 trillion.

9. Brazil

Actually masyrakatnya visits from social conditions, Brazil is still classified as developing countries as well as Indonesia. but Brazil has a magnitude that cuku fantastic GDP figure of U.S. $ 794.10 billion.

10. South Korea

The country is also the same fate with germany,, just that this country until now remained separated by the state sejirannya, north korea. South Korea has a GDP of U.S. $ 787.62 billion.

source: Kaskus

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