Skandal Foto Mesum Rahma Azhari- McMenemy

Diposting oleh nude nude Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

JAKARTA - Photos intimate Rahma Azhari with the Philippine national team coach Simon McMenemy not make Menegpora Andi Mallarangeng dizziness. By contrast, Democrats were ignored.

Because the images intimate Rahma with McMenemy who allegedly taken at a night club that is not directly related to the Indonesian national team.

"I'm not sure about the photo Rahma and coach the Philippines. I also recently received information via short messages (SMS),"said Andi at the State Palace, Jakarta, Monday (20/12/2010).

"But I think everything is going well and fair between Indonesia and the Philippines. The most important thing now is we focus on how to win the match against Malaysia,"said former presidential spokesman for this.

Ayu Azhari sister was intimate with McMenemy post photos on Monday, December 20, approximately at 07.00 pm. Coincided with the photograph, Rahma ngetweet if McMenemy himself with no special relationship.

"He's just a friend .. What a lovely person .. Glad to Actually meth uterus! Had a great time!," wrote one boy's widow.

Not just one photo, Rahma also post additional photos at 11.00 pm. He said good-bye to Simon who went to their home country.

"Hhhmm goodbye simon, have a nice trip back to Manila, xoxo," said Rahman

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