Apple crushes Profit, iPads Ship 7.3 Million

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Apple crushes Profit, iPads Ship 7.3 Million. Apple just put up a monster quarter, and investors should send the stock upwards Wednesday, erasing today’s doubts about Steve Jobs’ health.

Apple’s Q1 EPS was $6.43, beating by a mile, and representing $6 billion in profit. Revenue was massive too, at $26.7 billion, beating consensus by more than $2 billion.

Apple Crushes Earnings, Ships 7.3 Million iPads
Apple Crushes Earnings (businessinsider)

Apple Crushes Earnings

iPad shipments came in at 7.33 million, way above expectations. Meanwhile, Mac unit sales came in at 4.1 million, slightly below the Street’s 4.3 million consensus. Perhaps the iPad is starting to cannibalize the Mac?

iPhone shipments of 16.2 million beat the Street, and should be strong again next quarter as the Verizon iPhone ships.

Even Apple’s guidance is strong: $22 billion in sales is ahead of the Street’s $20.6 billion consensus, and EPS of $4.90 is way ahead of expectations.

Apple did NOT disclose Apple TV unit sales or iAd revenue.

Key Stats: (Consensus via Yahoo Finance and Piper Jaffray)

* Revenue: $26.74 vs. $24.4 billion consensus, $25.5 billion “high” Street estimate

* EPS: $6.43 vs. $5.38 consensus, $6.02 “high” Street estimate

* iPhone shipments: 16.24 million vs. 15.5 million consensus

* iPad shipments: 7.33 million vs. 6.2 million consensus

* Mac shipments: 4.1 million vs. 4.3 million consensus

* iPod shipments: 19.45 million vs. 20.3 million consensus

* March revenue guidance: $22 billion vs. $20.6 billion Street consensus, anything over $20 billion solid

* March EPS guidance: $4.90 vs. $4.43 Street consensus, anything over $3.92 solid

Source : http://www.businessinsider.com/apple-earnings-analysis-2011-1

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10 countries of the world's richest,

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1.United States

United States is the world's richest countries to GDP reached U.S. $ 12.46 trillion

2. Japan

The second position occupied east Aia this country. Japan has a GDP of U.S. $ 4.51 trillion. Crazy, but ya never country devastated by atomic bombs, but could become the richest countries

3. Germany

Just like japan, germany also been having a difficult time when they had divided by 2 for the Soviet Union and the USA. new in the 1990s they were joined again into 1 country. Germany has a GDP of U.S. $ 2.78 trillion.

4. England

Although never invaded any country nih is almost 1 / 3 parts of the world,,, but did not make it into the richest country in the world. England are ranked the 4th with a GDP of S $ 2.19 trillion.

5. France

A country known for kissing style that has GDP of U.S. $ 2.11 trillion.

6. Italia

Country famous for its history of empire has a GDP of S $ 1.72 trillion.

7. Spain

Spain has a GDP of U.S. $ 1.124 trillion

8. Canada

Countries in the northern United States are even adjacent to the USA does not make them a higher GDP. Canada has a GDP of U.S. $ 1.115 trillion.

9. Brazil

Actually masyrakatnya visits from social conditions, Brazil is still classified as developing countries as well as Indonesia. but Brazil has a magnitude that cuku fantastic GDP figure of U.S. $ 794.10 billion.

10. South Korea

The country is also the same fate with germany,, just that this country until now remained separated by the state sejirannya, north korea. South Korea has a GDP of U.S. $ 787.62 billion.

source: Kaskus

Driving Technical Change by Terrence Ryan

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Driving Technical Change

Why People On Your Team Don't Act on Good Ideas, and How to Convince Them They Should

By: Terrence Ryan

Published: November 8, 2010
Format: Paperback, 200 pages
ISBN-10: 1934356603
ISBN-13: 978-1934356609
Publisher: Pragmatic Bookshelf

"The goal of this book is to enable you to convince co-workers to adopt new tools and techniques", writes Worldwide Developer Evangelist for Adobe, Terrence Ryan, in his practical and no nonsense book Driving Technical Change: Why People On Your Team Don't Act on Good Ideas, and How to Convince Them They Should. The author describes the challenges and personality conflicts faced by managers seeking to make technological change in an organization, and how to overcome these obstacles successfully.

Terrence Ryan understands the problems that can arise in organizations when new technologies and techniques are recommended to the team. The author realizes that there is a huge disconnect between finding the right tools and technological improvements, and getting them implemented in a meaningful way. Through his experience, and that of other technology change managers, Terrence Ryan points out the patterns of resistance that arise on a regular basis. He has learned that using logic, applying politics, or showing hard evidence to convince reluctant managers adopt the change doesn't work. Through his encountering of the same types of resistance and similar character traits over time, Terrence Ryan offers a patterns approach to understanding the problem.

The Aston Martin V12 Vanquish S is the fastest production car manufactured by Aston Martin in 2005.

The car was first displayed at the Paris Motor Show in the year 2004, September 23rd. It consists of a 6.0 V12 engine with a capacity of 5935 cc that delivers an output power of 520 bhp at 7000 rpm and 425 lb-ft torque at 5800 rpm. The engine also includes combustion chambers for better air flow, inlet ports and fuel injectors.

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish S black

The Vanquish S is a stylish, muscular high performance and the fastest car among the other Aston Martin cars. The grille consists of a rounded open front for better cooling and aerodynamic splitter that provides high speed. Aston Martin claims that it can reach a top speed of over 200 mph and accelerate to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds.

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish S white side view

The brakes consist of six piston calipers and ventilated discs all around and the rear discs are 2 mm wide compared to the front discs that provides better heat dissipation. The standard features include the short steering arms, stiffer springs and Sports Dynamic Suspension.

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish S white back view

Vehicle Type: - production car, with two doors
Configuration: - Front Engine/RWD
Engine: - 6.0 V12
Capacity: - 5935 cc
Mileage: - 11/17 mpg
Torque: - 425 lb-ft at 5800 rpm
Horsepower: - 520 bhp at 7000 rpm
Transmission: - 6-speed Automatic
Wheelbase: - 104.5 in
0-60 mph: - 4.7 sec
Top speed: - 200 mph

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish S black and red