Dewi Perssik Foto Bugil di Twitter

Diposting oleh nude nude Minggu, 12 Desember 2010

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com - Chairman of the Islamic Defenders Front Jakarta DPD Habib Salim Alatas explained that the FPI came Sentra Polda Metro Jaya Police Service to report pedangdut and movie player Goddess Perssik since put naked pictures on his Twitter account.

"We came willing to report Goddess Perssik (DP) because it was exposing his private parts on Twitter," said Habib Salim told reporters in SPK, Wednesday (08/12/2010).

Habib Salim, who came accompanied by his lawyer, showing nude photos of DP with various poses. "In addition to Goddard Perssik, we also will report on Ahmad Dhani because these photos are also in Twitter Ahmad Dhani," he said again. "DP is her Indonesian Miyabi. Obviously damaging," he said.

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